Wuhan Tongong Temperature Control Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to the field of temperature and humidity monitoring and control of high-tech enterprises,And also the domestic cold chain monitoring (Internet of things) equipment and solutions provider, Established more than a decade. The company has grown into a set research and development, production, marketing, consulting, commissioning and service as one of the monitoring service enterprises. Products are mainly used in food and medicine monitoring and control, cold chain logistics and other fields, the market share of the forefront of the domestic industry.


Company's main products are: cold chain of things, digital temperature meter, digital hygrometer, refrigeration unit circuit control box and supporting the LED cooler lights and so on. The company has been supporting the major production enterprises for many years, widely used in the kitchen refrigerated freezer, large supermarket counters, medical freezer, electronic refrigerator, train dining car refrigerator, cold storage works, seafood farming, ice machine, beer and other refrigeration and heating Through devices. Supporting exports to the United States, the European Union, Australia and Southeast Asian countries around the world.

The Company to product quality and reliable, costeffective, short R&D cycle, strong design capability, and so by the majority of customers praise.


Facing the future, Wuhan Tongong Technology Co., Ltd. is the heart scientific and technological innovation temperature control of a new image to as the driving force. To customer needs as the goal, to focus, professional and single-minded attitude to business and will continue commitment to social welfare undertakings, as well as social responsibility, in order to contribute to the community, so as to achieve the eternal development of Albert.